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Everywhere, anytime AND on any device

Works in all popular web browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.
You can use TRAX on Windows, Mac and Linux computers.
TRAX is the only layout planning tool that also works on mobile devices like iPads and Android devices.

Easy to use

Easy dragging and attach track sections
Detach track sections by double clicking between them.
Bend flextrack any way you want and fine tune the curves manually using handles.
Move tables and modules with anything on it at once.
Switch between multiple track libraries with ease.
Zoom in or out with the scroll wheel or the pinching gesture on touch screens.
Move the editor working area by dragging it.
Help function available in the editor (please allow popups)


Over a 100 track libraries available.
Units: Choose between metric and imperial
Color coding: Use colors for separate sections. Complete with legend
Toolbox: Rotate track sections, make bridges and tunnels.
Working area over 1000x1000 miles or even more.
Selection tool: select all items in given area.
Pins: pin down track to prevent moving.
Insert straight track by entering length.
Insert curved track by entering radius and angle.
Automatic parallel tracks.
Tables: Draw tables in any shape you like.
Checking mode: Let TRAX help you checking for tight curves and parallel tracks that are too close.
Scalable background: use screenshots from google Maps, aerial photography or a satelite image to model from prototype or as a terrain backdrop.

Output & Sharing

Save your work to the cloud, open it on any device you have at your disposal.
Local backups made every 10 minutes.
Item list specyfying all items used
Make snapshots of your design and save it as png, jpg or gif.
Share your design. Get comments from fellow TRAX-users or allow others to copy it.
A viewer that allows you to embed your layout design on your own website or on model railroad forums.
Share layouts you like with your friends using Twitter-, Facebook- and Google+buttons.

Oh yes, and did we mention it is
100% Free.

Under construction:

Measurements, annotations and comments.
Scenery and vector drawing.
Freehand sketching for more artistic presentations.
Pathfinder: this feature will connect two sections automatically.
SnippetLib: save fragments from your design for later use and share them with other users.
TRAX will in the future also be more usable on mobile devices like iPad and Android tablets and phones.
Electric wiring planning.

...and much more...

Available track programs

For a list of all track programs supported by TRAX, click the link below:
Supported track programs*

This list is generated automatically and is always up to date.

If your favorite track program is not available, please send us a message and we will try to include it if sufficient information is available.


The track libraries are copyrighted by Milen Peev of the SCARM project, who has licensed them for use in TRAX. None of the information may be copied or used in any way without the written permission from the owner.

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