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TRAX is a


software, available on Windows, Mac and Linux to

all model railroad hobbyists and train enthusiasts

. TRAX can be used

everywhere and any time

: the

track plans

are stored 'in the cloud' and available 24/7.
This FREE application is made possible by ads like the one above. Please respect that the advertising company helps paying for web space and other costs.

Works on (allmost) everything!




TRAX supports

over a hundred track programs

from various manufacturers, including Marklin, Fleischmann, Peco and Tillig. Whether it is Z, is N or H0,

any scale

is possible.
TRAX is highly


. Move and link track elements and tables easily. Rotate switches in the direction you indicate and bend

flexible track

without cumbersome menu options and mouse clicks.
With the

TRAX viewer

you can embed your layout plan in your own website or in a post on

your favorite model railway forum

. Readers then can explore

your track plan

interactivly, scrolling and zooming in as they like.

Create a landscape

for your layout, using the paintbrush and sculpting tools:


mountains, rivers and fields directly on your design. Add buildings and other objects and

bring your world to life.

Contribute to the

TRAX community

, share your knowledge on the forum,

give your advice

and appreciate the layouts others make. Make your own scenery objects and share them with other model train fans.
...and on top of that, TRAX features many more functions like:
- scalable background from satelite or aireal fotography.
- thousands of square miles if you like.
- fine tuning of curves in flex track

Oh yes, and did we mention it is 100% free? Forever...
Share TRAX with your friends, club members and followers on

Twitter, Facebook and Google+

. Ask other railway enthusiasts for their opinion on your latest track plan and give your advice to others.

Small Room Layout
by Fedor
M. Lievense
by Manfred1968
N scale coffee table
by C.H.
M. Lievense
by Manfred1968
by GL86
M. Lievense
by Manfred1968
the first model
by tyler28269
OpaKees - finale ontwerp
by Golsdorf156
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