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TRAX was designed and developed by Fedor van Eldijk.


Used images

US model railroad 02.jpg Graham Causer, Wombourne, United Kingdom
ArsTECNICA Anlage1.jpg Euro Tecnica
Interchange Orin Zebest, San Francisco, CA, USA
Crossing Canyons Orin Zebest, San Francisco, CA, USA
Alaska Railroad Model Train Andrew Russell

Additional Icons made by:
- Pixel Buddha
- Pixel perfect
- Madebyoliver
from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC 3.0 BY


Thanks to

- Milen Peev and his great model railway planning tool SCARM for the vital information in the track libraries.
- All users of TRAX who helped me with their great suggestions, support and bug reports.


Copy rights

The photo's used on this site are from different sources like Wikimedia and Flickr. All images are as for as I could determine free to use. If you own the copy rights of any of the used images and you feel I have not respected your rights, please let me know. You can contact me through the support form.

The track libraries are copyrighted by Milen Peev of the SCARM project, who has licensed them for use in TRAX. None of the information may be copies or used in any way without the written permission from the owner.

About Ngongo B

Ngongo B is a Dutch company, registered with the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce. It is held by Fedor van Eldijk.

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